A Gateway to become a Piping Design Engineer

How ?

We believe in true education which is required for real time job.  Real time jobs requires skills and knowledge by which you can deliver the piping design. However, in reality most coaching centers end up teaching the design software’s alone in the name of design engineering. Thus results in poor understanding of the fundamental working principles of design activities.

Pymedaca clearly differentiates the role between design and software’s. We give importance to the Design concept, Design principles and Engineering methods. Pymedaca strongly points out the software’s are tools to be used for modeling the design. However, design comes from the “Idea of Design Engineering”.

Its necessary to learn Design to become a Design Engineer.

What we teach ?

  • Process to become a Piping Design Engineer.
  • Design Skills Required for Real Time Piping design Job.
  • Design Competence to become a Piping Design Engineer.
  • Design Principles, Concepts, Methods of Piping Design.
  • Execution of Piping Design Engineering in Projects.