Piping Design Engineer is an highly responsible position as he has a very important role in the construction of Process Plant from the very beginning to the end of the project. The roles and responsibilities starts from the Pre-Bid stage, FEED, Detail engineering, construction and commissioning.

In this video, i have tried my level best to describe the roles and responsibilities of a piping design engineer, so that it will be helpful for beginners in piping to prepare themselves for the highest responsible roles.


Subash Chandran

Hi, I'm Subash Chandran, an aspiring piping design engineer with 15 years of experience and obsessed with piping design. This site is dedicated to educate the aspiring piping design engineers like me, to help them understand the knowledge required to work in live-projects. I will keep posting more contents about piping design and wish to build this platform to be useful for all engineers who wants to pursue piping design engineering.


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